Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My thoughts today June 3, 2009

How foolish am I that I have forgotten my first love?

Have I really been that blinded that I thought I could live without you?
Have my feet ben so confused that they've stepped off of your obvious path?
Has my pride been so consuming that it has turned away my soul from its Maker?

Who am I but the dust of the Earth?
I am nothing.
Made into ALL that you've called me to, by your blood am I purified.

You have never left, and I know that you don't plan to. 
Thank you that you are ONLY good.
You find joy in me.
Who would have guessed?! 
certainly not me!

I have sought.
I have found.
I have chosen.

There is a hope greater than circumstance.
There is a bloodline that runs deeper than all things that are against who I am and who I will be. 

I am not determined by what I seem to be, who others see me as, and who I say I am.

I think I found what I was looking for.
Can't believe I never thought to look before.
Your Love? It sought my unknowing spirit
Your Grace? Covered all my mistakes from my yesterdays.
Jesus, You are my everything.
All I need,
All I was looking for.

I have strived for so much, for so little. 
For what I thought was love. 
I needed arms around me.
I needed words to encompass me.
I needed satisfaction to find me at my weakest....
But I was lost. 

My tears were my only company. 
My hurts became my best friend.
My shame became so steady it was as my skin was

I feared if I moved on from the past I'd forget it.
My heart has yet to heal because of that, 
Mercy is my cry.
Grace is my reward.
I have forgiven myself.
I have forgiven others.
I am redeemed by the kinsmen redeemer.
He is my source.
He is my strength. 
He is my ALL.